Selam L'Ethio

Selam LeEthiopia is offering specially designed Habesha Care Packages, to be enjoyed by the whole family while spending quality time together at home.

 Order personalised care packages posted to your loved ones and support Habesha businesses at the same time with a click of a button from the comfort of your own home. 

See the different available packages below:



Lovegrass offers a delicious, gluten-free and nutritionally packed Teff Fusilli pasta + Pancake/ Waffle Mix made from 100% Teff flour. Lovegrass Fusilli pasta is made from 100% Teff flour offering unparalleled nutritional benefits. Lovegrass Pancake and Waffle mix offers a delicious, gluten free alternative to regular pancakes or waffles.

Market FiftyFour

Market FiftyFour is an online bookshop and publisher of African books such as  Muna & Abebe a fun and adventurous children's book about the extraordinary friendship between 10-year old Muna and the legendary Ethiopian athlete  Abebe Bikila as well as a Selection of Poems in Tigrinya by the late Dr Reesom Haile.

Abol Coffee Co

Abol Coffee Co offer indulgent and refined Ethiopian coffee from the Sidamo growing region that has bright notes of vibrant lemon and juicy stone fruits. Fairtrade, 100% organic Sidamo beans, beans are freshly roasted and ground, prepared in individually wrapped coffee-bags are sealed for lasting flavour.

Yelet Designs

Yeletwork Gebreab is an Ethiopian fashion designer, Yelet Designs are unique, hand made and 100% fair trade. Reviving the old handy work that have been passed down by generations, encouraging artisans to continue their small scale productions and training the young generation pursue a career. Her trademark dyed cotton linen dresses and scarves are very popular with tourists as well as fashion conscious Ethiopians today.


Shiro is the protein-packed, gluten-free, low-calorie answer to all of our prayers. Shiro powder, the base for the dish, is a flour made of chickpeas. The flour itself is packed with protein to be served on injera. The flavour is rich, spiced and nutty, and the shiro powder comes blended with herbs and spices – fenugreek, cardamom, sacred basil dried garlic and ginger.

Selam Le Ethiopia

Order personalised care packages posted to your loved ones and support Habesha businesses at the same time with a click from the comfort of your own home.

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