FUNNY AF African Comedy

FUNNY AF African Comedy

Selam Le Ethio
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Join us for our FIRST Funny AF..rican stand-up comedy night!

The line-up:


@1micdiesel Diesel, a rising comedic force, brings unforgettable laughter to audiences with his wit, charm, and infectious energy. Based in Harlesden, Diesel has been winning over crowds for two years with his quick thinking and razor-sharp observations. Having performed at renowned venues like Top Secret, Comedy store and UptheCreek, Diesel’s captivating shows leave audiences in stitches, clamoring for more. Diesel’s comedic style blends clever wordplay, relatable anecdotes, and playful absurdity, creating an atmosphere of hilarity. Drawing inspiration from his life experiences, he tackles topics from everyday observations to thought-provoking social commentary.

@fathiyascomedy 🇸🇴🇾🇪Fathiya Saleh Youth worker by day and comedian by night, North West London comic Fathiya with Somali-Yemeni roots, shares the funny mishaps of what it’s like being Muslim and living in a Somali household. Fathiya recently appeared on the BBC Asian Network comedy special.





previously we have had: 

@fb.comedia FB is a comic that brings his weird unique conversational style of comedy to the world. He performs in English, French and Portuguese and after regularly gigging the London Circuit is doing gigs in Paris, Barcelona and Lisbon. He tells everyone to come see him before he really pops and it’s too expensive. It is said that he lacks humility but always brings the lols.